Campus Life

Campus Life

After high school, many people choose to pursue additional education often in the form of traditional university, trade-schools, or community college. These programs are wonderful ways for young adults to gain valuable life experience, further their education, make new friends, and prepare for their future career goals. For individuals with disabilities attending these programs who need some extra support, Alora Behavioral Health’s Campus Life program can help.

Campus Life focuses on a peer-based approach to support both academic success and navigating the social expectations of young adult life. We incorporate modern technology supports like text and video calls alongside traditional in-person group and individual meetings. Our individualized programs

  • Making friends
  • Navigating romantic relationships
  • Time management
  • Study habits
  • Career selection
  • Applying for jobs
  • Interview skills

This program is ideal for students in the transition years of 18-22, or those participating in “bridge” activities through their local community colleges. It can also support those who have completed their post-secondary education as they begin applying for jobs.

As more individuals with Autism and other disabilities enter their adult life, Campus life is here to offer support and guidance for that next chapter!


Supports individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities as they navigate a post-high school life.