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Alora Behavioral Health (formerly known as Howard Chudler & Associates), has been providing behavior intervention services since 1983.

Client Led

We are assent-based providers and clients are empowered to advocate for their preferences during sessions and we encourage them to lead the way. This builds valuable life skills, creates trust, and makes therapy fun!


Client teams are made up of more than our clinicians; they include parents, siblings, extended family, friends, teachers, therapists, and doctors. We strive to bring these voices into the conversation and work together toward shared treatment goals.

We Grow With You

As children grow into teenagers, and adolescents into adulthood, needs and challenges change. We are here to help during your current stage in life and help prepare for the next chapter.

In-Home Behavioral Support for Real-World Progress

We work with clients and their families in the comfort of their own home, allowing us to work through real-world situations where they actually occur and engage the entire family in therapy. Clients are able to build their skills in a way that impacts their daily life. Things like potty training are done in a familiar space, snacks are had at the family kitchen table, and play skills are practiced with the child’s favorite toys.

Begin Your Career Path In ABA With A Mission Driven Company

Alora Behavioral Health provides careers focused on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, a field dedicated to helping individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. View our current job openings and find a role that fits your experience.

Class Rooms
Bus Schools

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

What We Offer

Featured Services

In-Home ABA

Intervention services for children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. Emphasis on building skills that foster independence and addressing challenging behaviors.

Campus Life

Alora Behavioral Health’s ‘Campus Life’ program supports individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities as they navigate the transition to post-high school life, offering comprehensive assistance and guidance to foster their personal and academic growth within a supportive community environment.

Path to Progress

Our Service Stages

Give us a call or fill our our intake form to get started.


One of our qualified clinicians will conduct an assessment to identify where your child is today and develop a plan to help us get to where you want to be tomorrow. We will submit this information to your insurance company for approval of services.

Your child will be assigned a treatment team who will provide the 1:1 services, parent training, and supervision of the plan. We will periodically re-evaluate for progress and make updates to the treatment plan as necessary.

Some day your child will be ready to leave ABA services. This is determined by the team through evaluation of data and evidence of sustained progress. We will walk with you through this transition into your child’s next chapter.

Insurance Providers We Accept

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